Kegs external washing machines

The Kegs external washing machines  have been designed and manufactured for professional use for washing of the external part of Inox or stainless steel kegs with parts made of polymeric material, from 20 to 50 litres. Through the combined action of high pressure nozzles and a water-based and basic detergent bath, the removal of the most resistant dirt is guaranteed, thus obtaining a completely sanitised keg.  The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and consists of a tunnel, a conveyor belt that introduces the kegs into the tunnel, a keg spacer, a series of nozzles and a high flow pump, which is used to obtain in output powerful sprays of water and detergent. With this system, excellent external cleaning of the stainless steel kegs is achieved, which are then sent for packaging.

Keg washing machines

The Idrokegs model washing machines for Kegs are machines designed for the internal cleaning and sanitising of Kegs. They consist of 2 work heads. The entire structure of the machine and the parts in contact with the washing water are made of AISI 304 and 316 steel. After manually positioning the kegs in the machine, the operations are automatically managed by a PLC.  The washing cycles can be customised according to the specific needs of the customer.

Hot water generators

Our electric hot water generators are designed to serve automatic washing lines, filling lines, microfiltration systems, cross-flow filters and any system that requires hot water for food use. These systems automatically manage the drawing of cold water, heating in passage and recirculation of the water, reaching the set temperature, homogenisation during the heating phase and re-launching of the water towards the point of use. To operate with recirculation, it must be accompanied by a tank of size adequate for the operational requirements. They are supplied in a monoblock version on a self-supporting frame for easy installation without the need for specialist personnel. Furthermore, the particular solid steel structure guarantees excellent wear resistance and minimises routine maintenance operations.

Steam generators

The electric steam generators  have been designed to supply steam continuously from 0 to 3 bar at temperatures ranging from 100 to 143°C with instant steam delivery. They have a minimum footprint and are wheeled for quick movement and to be used even without fixed connections. They find application in particular in the food and chemical-pharmaceutical sector in the sanitation and sterilisation of filling systems, in microfiltration, storage tanks, autoclaves, etc. They can be used for the production of hot water combined with plate or coil exchangers. They are available in versions with power from 8 to 72 kW. With these constructive parameters our aim was to obtain the maximum functionality, practicality in use, thermal efficiency, management economy, rapidity of pressure setting and operational safety.